Vær i vejret - whenever the wind changes direction, the ring emits a gust of fog
Now: Vær i vejret opens at Ordrupgaard, Denmark
Art helps us identify with one another and expands the notion of 'we' from the local to the global. @LittleSun https://t.co/c389txcFvd
From today you can order Little Sun Charge on their newly launched website
You, the traveller is not the only active agent. Your place of origin and destination have lives of their own, too. #OlafurVersailles
Little Sun – a solar solution. Produced by Wolf Gebhardt for Deutsche Welle, Eco@Africa 2016
Artist Alvaro Urbano, former participant at Institut für Raumexperimente:
My Boy, with Such Boots we may Hope to Travel Far
Werner Herzog is teaching an online filmmaking class this summer. @wernerherzog @indiewire https://t.co/48nZraQaxk
Soon #OlafurVersailles
Elise Eeraerts, former participant at Institut für Raumexperimente: Fire Pit (Blocks)
The great legacy of the Baroque was that it was not ashamed of trying to influence people. @CVersailles https://t.co/XyjYVGtfuY
Studio Olafur Eliasson: The Kitchen
Book out now in English and French on Phaidon
Austria: Send a Green light to Europe and the world by voting Green on Sunday! #Vanderbellen_waehlen
Green light an artistic workshop and learning platform at TBA21, Vienna
Scaling innovations - womans deliver Copenhagen #WDscalingup https://t.co/lU8qRfSMoZ
Supporting opportunities for laughter, for dancing, for making friends, for a future, for life: https://t.co/rOcikIZnRG